Top VDR providers which come with 24/7 support for all deal-makers

Widespread use of information and digital technologies like Virtual Data Rooms creates special conditions for the organization of a business collaborative environment.

Virtual Data Room – a powerful innovation for deal-making

The urgency of protection of business data is completely related to the development of IT technologies, which leads to the growth of digital technology. One of such tools is Virtual Data Room which is a secure web-based software for organizing file-sharing, collaboration, and a secure workspace for business operations.

A Virtual Data Room (VDR) is a platform that can only be accessed via the Internet. The service is mostly used by companies that carry out due diligence or enter into various types of cooperation: for example, in the context of an M&A, real estate, or joint venture. Data Roon is a strategic infrastructure and technical architecture to support a single lifecycle of unstructured information of various types and formats.

Data Room is your central online workspace for storing, editing, and sharing everything that is sensitive and must remain confidential in the data traffic between you and your partners and customers.

Data Room functionality

In general, one can say that every Data Room is similar, but there are also functions that are chargeable for some and are included in the package for others. It is also not possible to say exactly what the important functions are, since it depends individually on the user what he expects from his personal Data Room.

So, a reliable Data Room software has the following functions:

  • Easy access. Data Room works beyond the boundaries of your operating system and offers you easy and secure access to your data, no matter where you are. A free app is also available for mobile availability, for both iOS and Android. Your data is always at hand.
  • File-sharing. If you want to store documents in the Data Room, all you have to do is upload the files with your web browser via a connection with SSL encryption. You create the right space for the respective document in the data room by creating a hierarchical folder structure.
  • Uploading An accommodating menu is available for uploading a file to your Data Room. Alternatively, you can move the file into the software using the drag & drop feature.
  • Searching and finding. You create the folder structure in the Data Room yourself. A corresponding hierarchy and folder naming ensures that everyone involved can quickly find their way around. If you still cannot find a particular document straight away, use the Data Room search engine.
  • Collaboration online. If you want and approve it, authorized guests can also use the Data Room as a shared office and edit documents together using the integrated collaboration function from LibreOffice.

It also should be mentioned, that mostly all Data Room solutions have built-in customer support. So, you can solve your technical questions, problems with setting up the software directly with specialists by email or phone. Besides, it is available 24/7 and is responsible for support at all stages of deal-making.

The top vdr providers with a full set of functions

It is particularly important to choose a suitable Data Room and provider. Because this not only stores your confidential business documents but also makes a significant contribution to the result of the cooperation. There are many alternative service providers in the marketplace. The most popular that are well-known for their advanced customer support include:

  1. iDeals
  2. Intralinks
  3. Merill
  4. Firmex
  5. OneHub
  6. SecureDocs
  7. Datasite
  8. Sharefile